Welcome to Chiangmai Elephant Land

The life of an elephant in modern Thailand can be difficult. Too many are still employed in unwelcome practices that damage their welfare, such as performing circus-style tricks, walking on roads, working in heavy industry or exploitation at popular beach locations.

At Chiangmai Elephant Land we provide a better life for elephants by giving them ideal land on which to roam. Our sanctuary has many square kilometers of forests where the elephants can behave naturally. This includes foragaging for the wide variety of foods comprising their natural diet, and a beautiful waterfall and river in which they can bathe and enjoy a relaxing mud spa!

Chiangmai Elephant Land promotes ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly tourism and ensures your elephant experience does no harm to the animals or to the environment. From feeding to washing and bathing, hugging and holding, we offer you a unique opportunity to help care for these amazing creatures. Elephant Land is a special place for elephants and humans.

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